5 essential tips for yoga exercises for beginners

Have you been thinking about going to your first yoga class? Maybe you’ve already attended your first few classes for yoga exercises. Well, we’ve put together some handy tips and tricks to help you make your yoga exercises for beginners fruitful. Here are five essential yoga tips to keep in mind, especially useful to beginners who want to start doing yoga but haven't had any experience yet.

1. Alignment

Your body has a number of joints that need lubrication and movements. The food you consume supplies the lubrication that the joints need and activities like yoga exercises provide the movements. Whether you are doing your yoga exercises for beginners in a yoga class or using a DVD at home, always keep a keen eye on the instructor’s body alignment, which is the exact way the body lines up in each posture. It is very important that your alignment is correct to minimize the chance of injury.

2. Movements and breathing

Your movements and breathing are also very important when doing yoga exercises. Focus on learning and getting used to your yoga movements and breathing during your first few sessions. You don’t have to perfect your poses and breathing technique right away, but do pay attention to your body and your instructor’s cues. Keep a positive mindset always and avoid judging yourself too severely for any physical limitations you might have at the beginning. Everybody starts from somewhere.

3. Foundation and flexibility

One of the first and most obvious benefits of yoga exercises is improved flexibility. Yoga postures for improved flexibility start from the ground (foundation) up. Keep an eye out for the parts of your body connected to the floor, such as your feet, hands, sit bones and maybe eventually the top of your head. As a general rule, keep your weight mostly in your legs, heels and butt high when reaching toward the floor.

4. Asana poses and sticking with it

Asana is a terms that essentially means ‘to sit,’ ‘sitting down’or ‘connection to the earth.’ During your first few sessions, you probably won’t be able to do basic asana poses like reaching forward to touch your toes, let alone do a backbend. That should not discourage you, though. If you stick with your exercises and not quit, you will start to notice gradual loosening and increased flexibility until eventually poses that you thought impossible will become a breeze to do.

5. Trust and judgment

Finally, when it comes to yoga exercises for beginners it is also important that you listen to your body and trust your own judgments. Nobody knows your body as well as you do. You are, therefore, well placed to know the difference between something you can try safely and something you can’t do that is actually painful and possibly injurious. Listen to your body and heed to your own judgments on how/what to practice. Also, avoid dismissing your instructor or feeling bad when he or she corrects your postures. The instructor is only trying to help you learn good form.

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