The worst sugary drinks in the UK

So you think the glass of orange juice you’re drinking everyday is healthy? You can't possibly imagine the amount of sugar there is in it. Sugar in its worst form will not only make our waistlines thick, our livers take a harsh beating as well making them work harder. Diabetes, obesity, and heart problems are just some of the diseases that await us when we consume excessively some of the worst sugary drinks in the UK.

Top 5 culprits

  • Orange juices

Look no further for the worst sugary drinks in the UK than your typical commercial orange juice. Unless you made it yourself, there’s no telling how much sugar is in it. For example, the 500-ml freshly squeezed orange juice from Pret is said to contain 51 grams of sugar. It contains nearly the same amount of sugar in a can of coke. An alternative is the carrot juice containing 5 grams of sugar from the same manufacturer.

  • Smoothies

Smoothies are also overloaded with sugar, making them one of the most sugary drinks in the UK. Superfood smoothies or your favourite drinks from the coffee shop contain at least 34.3 grams of sugar. Starbucks Frapuccino has at least 48 grams of sugar which is really a sugar overload.

  • Coffee drinks

Again, Starbucks makes a calorie-ridden drink with the white chocolate mocha and whipped cream. At 74 grams of sugar, it represents nearly a third of a woman’s daily calorie requirements. However, Starbucks has responded their website provides all the details and calorie count so consumers can make an informed decision. Fat-free and sugar-free products are available as alternatives.

  • Milk shakes

When comes to our really sugary beverages, the delicious milk shake tops them all like McDonald’s chocolate shake at 111 grams or Burger King’s 102.4 grams of sugar found in their large chocolate milk beverage.

  • Flavoured water

If you believe water can’t harm you, think again. Flavoured water also contains a lot of sugar such as This Water pure squeezed lemon & limes containing 21.3 grams of sugar.

Be vigilant

Hence, at the end of the day, it’s worth paying extra attention if you can at all the drinks you’re pumping in your body. Check labels and make sure to balance your diet with fibres and other essential vitamins and minerals. Consuming the worst sugary drinks in the UK means that we’re not only making our bodies work harder, but also exposing ourselves to diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and other related diseases.

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