Winter vomiting bug norovirus

It is a debilitating condition that has caused thousands of people in the country to experience horrible symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea this year. Unfortunately, any cure for the commonplace winter vomiting bug norovirus continues to elude scientists. In fact, after 40 years of research, the virus remains stubbornly impervious to antidotes.

What you should know about norovirus

Firstly, the good news. Even if you are unfortunate enough to succumb to the winter vomiting bug norovirus, the illness will be relatively mild, with the symptoms vanishing after three days at most. There are certainly no long-lasting effects. Nevertheless, for the duration of the affliction the experience is very unpleasant.

What you should know about norovirus is that it is a very common condition. It’s the biggest single cause of gastric illness in the UK, with the classic symptoms of unsettled stomach and uncontrollable bowel movements reducing the patient to a sort of self-imposed house arrest for the duration. There are actually a number of different viruses which cause the winter vomiting bug, but the upset to your digestive system, orgastroenteritis, is common to all of them.

One of the biggest issues with norovirus is the fact that the less of so much bodily fluids in a short period of time leads to dehydration. This can be particularly risky for children or the elderly. It is important to drink fluids as regularly as possible, or use oral rehydration solutions when your stomach is not allowing you to keep anything down. There are over-the-counter solutions such as Imodium which can be purchased from chemists.

Countering the effects of norovirus

The worst effects of the winter vomiting bug norovirus can be pre-empted by good old-fashioned hygiene. It is very easy to pick the complaint up from a contaminated person, simply by contact. So crucial steps to avoid spreading the virus take include washing your hands thoroughly with soap, especially prior to preparing food, or after visiting the toilet. You should also disinfect the toilet seat and flush handle with antiseptic wipes.

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