Why you dream of falling

Dreams tell us something of our subconscious. There are loads of common dreams that people often have. Dreams in which we’re chased or nightmares in which we’re back at school tend to be experienced by most of us at some time but dreams in which we fall are the most common.



Let’s not make the mistake of thinking that dreams about falling automatically end with us hitting the ground and dying. Most dreams in which we’re falling have us dropping endlessly. This dream is a red flag from the subconscious. It’s a sign that something in our life is going wrong as it suggests that you feel out of control. The reason for feeling out of control could be financial, emotional, because of work or for many other reasons. Dreams of falling are very common for those suffering depression.

How to sum up your dreams

Making sense of our dreams ourselves is a great way of getting something out of the dream. There are several easy steps to follow if you want to understand your dreams. Dreams are intuitions. They warn us, they inspire us, or they tell us that we’re going off track. Never simply tell yourself “it’s just a dream”. If you want to understand the dream, sum it up as the title of a movie. That will simplify it and allow you to understand it. Now work out what’s causing the main conflict in the dream. Compare this conflict to the issues you face in your life.

How to remember dreams

If you tend to forget your dreams, you should follow these steps. When you wake don’t move from your position. Moving can disconnect you from the dream state. At this stage don’t think about the day ahead of you. Quiet your mind and allow the dream to return to you. You’ll have about 90 seconds before the dream disappears. At this stage, write it all down. If you don’t, it’ll go before you have your breakfast as dreams are stored in the short-term memory area of the brain.

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