Which beer is better for your health?

If you feel like having a beer, which one’s best for your health? Taking a little time to figure that out could save you in the long run so we’ve had a look at the market today to evaluate this for you.


Light beers

When you’re waiting at the bar for a beer and you see the tap for Miller Lite do you ever wonder whether it’s worth trying? Well, according to experts lighter beers, which either have less alcohol or less carbs, are better for you than other lagers. Whether the alcohol or the carbs are lower, the beer is better for you because it has less calories. This means that if you’re watching your weight, these beers will help you do that while still enjoying yourself


A pint of Guinness looks like a heavy drink but the Irish stout has just 128 calories and 11 grams of carbs so it’s not heavy at all. Most dark beers are the same so the heavy taste doesn’t translate into more carbs and calories. What this sort of beer has in spades is more fibre that lagers. You’ll find something like 3.5 grams in a Guinness. The equivalent quantity of a lighter beer only has 2 grams.

Pale Ale

Your other options for a lighter pint is a pale ale. These are heavy on hops which means they contain more phytochemicals. A lower alcohol content with these beers can mean that you consume more volume which means the health benefits are blown away so that’s something to be aware of. Green King IPA is probably the best known pale ale available in this country (the IPA stands for Indian Pale Ale as that’s where this brew originated).

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