Where do emotions come from?

Through emotions people can express themselves to others and react to different situations in what they believe is the appropriate way. But where do all these emotions such as love, anger, jealousy and sadness come from?


First it is important to understand that emotions aren’t simply thoughts but something much more complex. These emotions that we feel are coming from our subconscious mind that over time has been gathering and sorting information which helps decide which emotion is most appropriate for the given situation.

Depending on how much you believe in something can determine how emotional you are. If someone is arguing points about a topic that you strongly disagree on, you will generate more emotions. If the point means nothing to you, your reaction will reflect that.

Emotions should never be ignored either. If you are feeling something then you should question why you are feeling that way rather than simply toss it aside. Remember that you create your emotions, not the people or circumstances. It is about your reaction to the situation and how it made you feel.

First, understand your emotions and the purpose of it, then discover ways you can change your reaction to different situations or people. If you are feeling anxious, become better prepared. If you are feeling jealousy, work on building your self-confidence. If you are feeling mad, it doesn’t mean you need to be screaming and yelling, but find ways to understand your emotion and your reaction to whatever made you angry.

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