When drinking iced cold water doesn't do good

Some people drink iced cold water in order to burn calories. When you drink ice cold water, the body will burn energy to maintain body homoeostasis. Many experts claim that you will burn an additional 66.6 calories a day when water is ice cold. 66.6 calories may not sound like a lot, but if you do it daily it will add up. For example, over two months it would add up to 0.5 kilogrammes of weight loss.

Although some dieters swear by drinking iced cold water, there has been no real scientific research to prove whether iced water or room temperature water is better for you.

When drinking iced cold water doesn’t do good

Some schools of thought hold that long term intake of ice cold water can lead to becoming overweight, cause stomach problems, headaches, weak immunity and can even be linked to infertility. Ayurvedic medicine believes that iced water can hinder digestion. It can also block other channels that could potentially cause many more diseases - most notably the claim that drinking ice cold water after eating can cause cancer. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim however.

Scientists can’t decide whether drinking ice cold water or room temperature water is better after exercising. The majority believe that drinking cold water after exercise requires energy to maintain body temperature and that this will lead to some water loss, which leaves the body less hydrated than room temperature water would.

Inevitably the fact that ice cold water is more refreshing means that many people will prefer it regardless of this scientific dispute.

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