What the Circle Test can tell you about your personality

This may seem like a childish question, but would you say this shape is a circle or a square? According to a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, whatever answer you say actually says a lot about your general outlook on life, but more specifically your political stance.


For those that said “Yes”, the study believes that you tend to be more politically liberal. While this may not be a perfect circle, it sort of resembles one. There is room for deviance as things can’t be seen as black and white necessarily. Because tend to be more accepting of marginalised groups and support liberal stances such as same-sex marriages and government aid for unemployed and homelessness.

For those that said “No”, you may tend to be more conservative in your political views. While the shape may sort of resemble a circle, at the end of the day it cannot be called a circle. Politically you support the military and believe that there should be a zero-tolerance approach on illegal drug use. Illegal immigration is another issue that should not be taken lightly.

Psychologist Ben Ambridge stated that “More conservative participants reported greater differentiation between perfect and imperfect shapes than more liberal participants, indicating greater sensitivity to deviance.” But these generalizations were “broadly speaking”.

Who knew that a shape could say so much about one's personality. So the next time you are getting to know somebody and want to know their political stance without actually having to mention politics, give them this simple task and see what their response is.

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