What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About your personality

You might think that your position in bed says more about your lumpy mattress than the way you think, but you’d be wrong. According to scientists we’re saying more than we realise when we choose to sleep on our front, back or lie on our side. In fact Professor Chris Idzikowski, the director of the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, looked at various different sleeping positions and came up with the following assessment.


Pillow talk

If you prefer to lie flat on your stomach, you’re running a small risk because your stomach contents can more easily work back up towards the mouth. You’re more likely to snore if you lie on your back than those who sleep in other positions but none of that says anything about your personality. What scientists have found is that there are several sleeping positions and each has a different meaning.

Pillow hugger

Those who hug their pillow during sleep value close relationships. Their relationships are far more important than anything else.

Hand under chin

If you sleep with your hand under your chin, you’re a thinker. Most sleepers who do this curl into the foetal position. These guys tend to have emotions vary between two extremes.

Lying on your side

Those who lie on their side with their arms outstretched are yearning for something. These sleepers are normally cynical and suspicious people but they’re also open-minded and decisive.

No position

Those who just pass out without taking up a regular position are said to shy away from things. These guys aren’t thick skinned so they avoid confrontation. Or perhaps they’re just drunk!

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