Easy ways to walk more

Did you know that 30 minutes of brisk walking every day can improve your health and increase your fitness? The great thing about walking as exercise is that you can work it in to your daily routine without much difficulty. Here are some top tips to help you walk a little more each day...

One of the simplest ways to walk more is to reassess your daily commute to work, school or college. If it's within two miles, the chances are that you could leave a little earlier each morning and walk.

Many people actually find that despite the extra time it takes to reach their location, they are less stressed than they would be if they were driving or taking public transport.

If you live more than two miles away, consider whether you could leave your car in a car park that's 15 or 20 minutes away from your work, then walk the rest of the distance. Or get off the bus or train a couple of stops early and walk the rest of the day.

Also consider whether you need to take the car on simple errands and messages. Why not hang your keys below a little reminder that says: "Do I really need to drive?" This visual note can provide the motivation you need to assess the circumstances of your journey and whether you can walk the distance or not.

Also look for little ways to take more steps during the day. How about a walk in the park at lunch time? Or taking the stairs instead of the lift?

If you want to walk more and you want to make a routine of walking more, it's important to stay motivated. We recommend that you record each walk you take and read over them at the end of the week. This will show you what you've accomplished and help motivate you to more success the following week.

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