Three tin diet: does it work?

If you are looking for a new way to lose weight, try the three tin diet. It might be the method you are looking for to shed off lots of unwanted pounds. There are a number of celebrities who use this method to gain a svelte figure. However, as with any type of diet, the three tin method is not without controversies. We tell you what's involved if you follow this type of diet.

Eating what you want

The three tin diet is a rather unusual and some might say, bizarre method. Simply put, you get to eat three tins a day. For example, you might have a tin of apples for breakfast, a tin of sardines for lunch and a tin of tuna for dinner. There are several controversies to this type of diet.

  • Unhealthy

Basically, you can choose any type of food you want to eat for as long as the portions are kept to a tin size. Hence, if you choose a tin of salted fish for lunch or a tin of cream chicken, you can do so. It’s simply unhealthy because you will not get the right kind of nutrients in a day that your body needs.

  • Losing weight fast

Losing unwanted kilos very quickly is not also the best way to get that slim figure. Yo yo diets are not healthy for you and they are bad for the skin and your overall health. Your body is denied the nutrients and carbohydrates it needs. Vicky Pattinson (MTV’s Geordie Shore) and Charlotte Crosby (MTV reality series star) are a few of celebrities who have adopted the three tin diet. They have lost a lot of weight and showing off trim figures.

Is it a safe method to lose weight?

The three tin diet is not for everyone, but there are many types of diets which might be suitable for you. Just make sure that you know the consequences of adopting such method of losing weight. Consult with your family doctor or health practitioner to make sure you are not risking your health.

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