Thongs: can wearing them pose health issues?

Those sexy, saucy little wisps of underwear known as thongs, have been popular as a mainstream undergarment since the late 1980s, and have become even popular through the years as waistlines on pants dropped and dresses became tighter and more figure revealing.

Thongs aren’t just sexy because they expose the butt, but they are also considered an optimum solution for women who want to eliminate the dreaded visible pantie line (VPL), however thongs are often considered as a health risk, especially if you happen to be prone to urinary or vaginal infections.

It isn’t just the T-shaped, butt cheek baring panties that can raise medical problems, but it's also the fabrics of which thongs are made from, and this can also go for other types of lingerie that aren't made from cotton.

Lace, lycra and nylon, and other non-breathable fabrics are often breeding grounds for bacterial growth.

Even if there are no scientific studies, some doctors are reporting seeing recurrent bladder infections, urinary tract infections and vaginal infections in thong wearers, and are advising their patients avoid wearing them or at least switch to all cotton ones or exchange thongs for more covering panties.

The concern with women wearing thongs is the fabrics used to make thongs which doesn’t allow the area to breathe, even if some thongs have a cotton crotch, but it's the outside material that can trap the moisture between the two layers which in turn can become a potential vehicle for infectious bacteria.

There is also another issue regarding the string part that can carry fecal bacteria from the anal area and can make its way to the vagina and urethra and create ideal conditions for yeast infections or UTIs (urinary tract infections), besides irritating the delicate skin tissues around in the vagina and anus, if the thong isn’t the right size.

However, if you wear thong panties every day and have never had encountered any problems, then you can continue wearing them with no worries, even if some fashion experts are saying that the thong is now no longer trendy as before.

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