Things every parent does but won't admit

Do you consider yourself a good parent? Of course you do, but are there still things you do that you won’t admit to your kids? Stuff that you wouldn’t accept from your kid just happens doesn’t it? Well, we’re all in the same boat.



Have you ever opened the fridge and grabbed a cake or a brownie that’s consumed in one go? What about a handful of chocolates or a fist full of peanuts? These treats are then scoffed in the kitchen in the hope that no one comes in. But when your kid arrives all eager-eyed and keen to know what mummy or daddy’s eating, do you lie by answering “nothing” or do you pretend it’s something innocent like broccoli? Yeah, we’ve all done it.


It’s not the playing with a child’s toy that’s wrong, although that’s a bit silly most of the time. What parents do that they don’t admit to is losing the kid’s prized toy. The only thing worst that losing a kid’s toy is lying about it when your child asks for it. And the only thing worst that that is breaking your kid’s toy. Do you own up as you tell your kid to? No, of course not. That’s a guilty secret that you’ll take to the grave.

Piggy bank

Taking the kid’s cash is low but it’s necessary some times. Taking cash from a child’s account to pay a bill before you’re paid is one thing but breaking into a piggy bank is something you really shouldn’t do. Unless you’re desperate and your kids too young to notice.


Checking your phone in the bathroomis something we all do but as parents we tend to take longer doing it because it also represents some much needed alone time. Hiding away from sight isn’t something we’d accept from our kids though, is it? Does it make you a bad parent though? If it did, none of us would qualify as good parents.

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