Theravada Buddhism explanation

Buddhism is an ancient religion that dates back at least 2,500 years ago. There are actually several branches of Buddhism. One of them is Theravada Buddhism. We explain what it is and the teachings that go with it. Take a look how it can improve your personal life through its teachings.

What it is all about

Theravada Buddhism promotes the teachings of Pali Canon, which is a collection of texts that were recorded along with a rich history of cultural practices. In fact, it is the predominant form of religion in countries such as Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand to name a few.

Theravada Buddishm is also known as the "Doctrine of the Elders". Buddha delivered his first sermon after the 'awakening or enlightenment'. In this speech, he outlines the basis of his teachings. The pillars of his teachings are based on the Four Noble Truths which should be explored by each individual.

  • The noble truth of suffering (dukkha)
  • The noble truth of the cause of dissatisfaction is craving (tanha)
  • The noble truth of ending suffering is through abandonment of craving
  • The noble truth of ending everything is by following the Eightfold Path

In order to get rid of human suffering and misery not only do you need to give up cravings and desires in the material world, but also to develop 8 important qualities. To succeed, the proper or right qualities should be developed and nurtured such as the right:

  • view
  • resolve
  • speech
  • action
  • livelihood
  • effort
  • mindfulness and
  • concentration

Buddha taught the Eight Fold Path gradually beginning with a series of training to develop sila or virtue. Afterwards, samadhi or concentration was important ending with the development of wisdom.


Theravada Buddhism is just one of the many forms of Buddhism. If you are interested in these teachings for yourself or to delve further, bear in mind that these doctrines are not only meant to be read. It will be great if you can put these teachings into work in real life.

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