The Fast Diet Review

The Fast Diet, available as a book or through simpler advice through their website, is a new diet which suggests intermittent fasting and contribute to weight loss. Although the site and book itself claims to be a revolutionary weightloss system, the strategy won't be a quick fix for everyone and won't work for all dieters.

What is the Fast Diet?

The Fast Diet is relatively simple. The diet suggests eating whatever you like on some days, but fasting on other days and consuming as little as 600 calories.

The Fast Diet works in a 5:2 ratio; 5 days eating what you want, and 2 days fasting, where you restrict your food and consume only 500 - 600 calories per day. The 'science' behind this diet is that your body will burn the calories you consumed during the 5 days while you go about your daily routine.


Although the Fast Diet allows for the consumption of most foods, dieters have to remember that certain foods, such as those high in saturated fat, will be harder to burn off. Eating junk food for days and fasting for two days won't reduce your weight; a combination of a balanced diet and exercise will be required to reap the full effects of the diet.

The book also claims to be scientifically correct, but this has been disputed. The book itself makes use of hyperbolic terminology - exaggerating the actual affects of the diet. For example, the reasoning behind is the fasting is claimed to be that, during our evolution, developing humans would fast for several days due to shortage of food. But careful observation of our close primate relatives have revealed that they graze all day, and eat whatever is available, including grass and vegetation.

Should I try the diet?

The Fast Diet may work for some people, but not for others. Anyone who is comfortable with fasting and doesn't feel like they have to push themselves too much to fast could benefit from the diet, if they consider incorporating exercise and avoiding junk food.

Before you purchase the book or dedicate yourself to the Fast Diet, you should remember that the book is not scientifically proven nor 100% accurate in its assumptions, and much of the stated results or 'assurance' that the diet works come from the experiences of the authors themselves.

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