The Boyfriend Pillow: Cool Xmas Stocking Idea for Singles

Calling all singles, looking for that cool Xmas stocking idea that is unique? The boyfriend pillow! Yes, you too can have a boyfriend (pillow) who is there when you most want him, in bed at nights with his arms around you, well, arm at least! Not only is your boyfriend pillow cool but he’s also a body pillow, with memory foam designed to “pad the curves of your body”.

Thanks to Wayfair, this fun pillow is now available online in the UK and retails at £35.99. The US manufacturers Delux Comfort claim the Boyfriend pillow “… is excellent for people whose partner is away on military leave or work absence” or perhaps detained courtesy of Her Majesty’s pleasure. And “Singles who desire to feel the touch of a man, without actually having to be with one, will love it too.” A bit sad-individualist, but generally sounds great,although I would definitely opt to have a live, full-bodied version on the go for those nights when a bit of action was required.

Judging from the interest though, I’d say Delux Comfort must be bracing themselves for huge Xmas demand, so don’t miss out, go bag yourself a boyfriend (pillow).Don’t be put off by appearances though, while this firm man-pillow looks like a disembodied half-torso with a huge floppy arm on one side, this is just detail and at night who’s going to notice anyway? Overall though, the pros seem to outweigh the cons and this pillow is mighty-versatile - it doubles up as a prop-up, neck-roll or simulating a lover’s full-on embrace (apparently!. It’s hygienic, with a removable microfiber shirt for machine washing and it doesn’t snore, smell, toss or turn! Maybe the Boyfriend Pillow is not quite the boyfriend substitute, but perfect for those nights when to be in the arms of a strong silent type is what you crave.

And one for the boys… Clever manufacturers have also released their Girlfriend Pillow. Much smaller, it is all pink foam with two breast-like protrusions and abject arm with bright yellow hand. This pillow, surprisingly, is shirtless and retails for only £11, so quite cheap if you need to replace it and perfect for men who like to snuggle up au naturel or have a passion for marigolds!

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