The Best Suncreams On The Market

Whether you need suncream to protect yourself from burning or to help get a summer tan, you should find out what’s available, and which suncream is best for you and your complexion.


There’s plenty of choice if you have sensitive skin or are looking for an anti-ageing suncream. Piz Buin Allergy Spray SPF 50 is an ideal choice for anyone with sensitive skin or for those prone to allergies. It’s available from around £17.

Shiseido Anti-Ageing Sun Make-up combines a suncream and foundation. It’s available as a liquid, compact or stick foundation. It's applied just like normal make-up, but protects up to SPF 30. It’s available direct from the manufacturer’s website for £27.

Insects Repelling Creams

Suncreams with insect repellent could be necessary if you’re planning a trip to anywhere that promises insects and sun. The Boot’s Soltan with Insect Repellent provides sun care at a low price. It’s available from the retailer’s website for £9.99.


If you are going to spend as much time in the sea as you are on the beach, you will be in need of a waterproof sun cream. Riemann P20 is an SPF 20 cream that’s clear and easily absorbed. It can be found online for around £14.


If you need the suncream to help build up a golden tan whilst you enjoy the sun, the best choices come from St Tropez and Nivea. St Tropez SPF30 with Tan Enhancer is part of St Tropez’s new line of sun care products. It uses Melanobronze to help stimulates the body’s own melanin production. With an increased production of melanin the body produces a longer-lasting tan. It costs £20 from the manufacturer’s website.

Nivea Sun’s Protect and Bronze cream uses Glycyrrhetinic Acid, a plant extract, to improve the skin’s tanning ability. SPF 10, 20, 30 and 50 can be bought for £12.

Final Word

The best suncreams on the market can be expensive, but you should forget about price and get the cream that’s best for you. With precious few warm and sunny days in the UK, each should be enjoyed to the maximum.

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