The best all round detox plan

Detoxification entails removal or reduction of toxins and other accumulated harmful substances from the body. There are two basic approaches to detoxification: elimination of what goes into the body and elimination of what is already in the body. The best all round detox plan emphasises both approaches. Three key aspects of a good all round detoxification program include, gentle cleansing of toxins and waste from the body, good nutrition and reduction of exposure to toxins.

Cleansing toxins and waste from the body

Cleansing toxins and waste from the body is often the first step in a good detox program. The plan here is to open and cleanse elimination channels in the body starting with the colon to allow for effective purging of toxins from the body. Herbal laxatives and colon hydrotherapy are two methods commonly used to cleanse the colon. The methods take about 2 to 3 days to complete.

Once the colon is cleansed, other cleansing methods like consuming various herbal teas are used to cleanse toxins from the other body organs, including the kidneys, liver, skin and blood. Bitter herbs like dandelion, for example, are good for cleansing the liver, red clover and burdock excellent for cleansing blood and herbs like yarrow and parsley outstanding for cleansing kidneys.


A good all round detox program also includes proper dietary plans to ensure you get all the nutrients you need to remain healthy. A proper dietary plan in turn involves flushing, eliminating and or reducing the amounts of certain nutrients that go in to the body to ensure you lead a healthy dietary lifestyle.

Usually, a healthy dietary lifestyle will involve eating high amounts of fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water as part of your detox plan. Also, a proper dietary plan will involve gradually working to quit harmful, picked up habits like smoking and reliance on fast foods.

Limiting or reducing exposure to toxins

Limiting or reducing toxin exposure should be done throughout your detoxification program. The plan here is to protect against toxins you consume and toxins from the environment. The rule of thumb in this process is to always be aware and careful about everyday chemical substances that get into your body.

If, for example, you are doing a painting job or any other type of job that exposes you to fumes, keep alert and be sure to have maximum ventilation and quality breath masks to protect yourself against the harmful effects of the fumes. It is also advised to avoid processed foods that have long ingredient lists in good all round detox programs.

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