Tesco Recalls Own-Brand Ice Cream Cones Found to Contain Painkillers

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Supermarket giant Tesco has issued a recall of its own-brand chocolate and nut ice cream cones as unspecified pain relief tablets were discovered inside the product by two separate customers.

As a result of the curious and possibly health threatening incidents, Tesco is recalling the four-packs Chocolate and Nut ice cream cones from the shelves. Thousands of ice cream cones with sell-by dates up to and including July 2014 will be affected. The Food Standards Agency informed the public that Tesco had issued a recall notice on its own-brand 4 x 110ml packs of chocolate and nut ice cream cones following the two incidents.

The Agency also went on to warn all Tesco customers who have bought the product not to eat it, and to return it in store or contact Tesco customer services on 0800 50 55 55.

A full refund will take place, the agency stated, and no other Tesco products are known to be affected.

A Tesco spokesman said they were alerted by two customers in two separate occasions. The spokesman admitted that two individual cones were found to contain a painkilling tablet, but no further details were revealed. He also added that Tesco's product recall is a precautionary measure, and that the supermarket chain is currently investigating the incident with its own supplier, R&R Ice Cream.

Again,Tesco's spokespersons asked customers to return the product to their local store.

Tesco's own-brand Chocolate and nut cones come fourth in a series of products to be recalled by Tesco this year.

In January the supermarket chain asked customers to return its finest Belgian chocolate salted caramel and hazelnut ice cream because of incorrect labelling on packages. Also last January Tesco was involved with many other chains in the horse meat scandal.

Later in the year it was Tesco's own-brand yeast extracts, recalled because of a risk of high levels of hystamine, while last August, Tesco’s range of ready meals were taken off the shelves because of mouldy rice in the ingredients.

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