Tecnology stops Brits sleeping

One of our all time favourite sports here at StyledLife is sleeping. And while we're not adverse to the odd afternoon snooze at the desk, we generally like to do our requisite 17 hours resting - in bed.

If only other Brits were so normal. The Sleep Council have revealed Britains are sleeping less than ever - and that 25% of British couples are opting for separate beds come lights out. And the culprit? Pillow hogging? Duvet thieving? Hotboxing!? Noooo. 'Technological incompatibility'.

Apparently there are lots of irritating folk in Britain who never switch off annoying beeby gadgets - even at bedtime. If it's not the Blackberry brringing briinging with a late night e mail from the boss, it's a Gameboy chirrupping. Or a Playstation joypad being jerked at all hours. Hell.

Catching the midnight train to Sleepy Town is a delicate enough art as it is - without worka-techno-holics invading the bed-waves. If StyledLife ever run into any of these bedtime bleepers, we won't be going anywhere near the pitt with them. Nothing gets in the way of our shut eye!

Looks like Hilary Clinton might been keeping Bill up with her incessant election techno-whirr though. How does the man hack it? By kipping when and where he damn well likes. Check out Bill catching forty public winks - what a hero!


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