Tap water and allergies: is there a link?

Food allergies are increasingly common these days and studies on the subject matter reveal that pesticides may be linked to the phenomenon. It is quite important to learn about tap water and allergies as this may provide insight into how you can avoid allergic attacks due to drinking water from tap.

Is there a link?

Recent research suggests that the people with urine containing high levels of dichlorophenols are more likely to develop food allergies. This chemical is known as a type of chlorine found in various types of pesticides used in killing bacteria. According to theory, it may also be killing the bacteria in the human digestive system, hence causing food allergies as well. When the bowels of healthy kids and those with allergies were compared during the research, a big difference has been noted. The data collected suggests that the chemical might have been causing the change in the bowels and that tap water and allergies may have a significant link.

Ever since the 90’s, the instances ofkids having food allergies has increased dramatically. The most common foods thatmost children are allergic to are milk, fish, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts,shellfish, soy, and wheat. These foods compromise almost 90% of digestiveallergies. The symptoms range from simple mouth tingling to the almost lethalanaphylaxis, a condition where the tongue and throat swell to levels that canalmost choke victims to death. Although the study does not provide a definiteconclusion that pesticides may be the actual cause of the allergies, it doesraise a certain possibility that both are linked. Remember that the ingestionor exposure to dangerous levels of pesticide content can definitely haveadverse effects on the human immune system.


While there is no conclusive evidencethat tap water and allergies are linked, there is a high possibility. Hence, itis a healthy practice to look for other sources of drinking water aside fromtap. As long unknown chemicals may make their way into the household watersystem, there is not telling what effects they may have on the body.

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