Swimming for weight loss

Everyone knows that the best way to lose weight is through a combination of healthy diet and regular exercise. Swimming is especially good for slimming because almost every muscle in your body gets used during those laps. Find out why swimming could be your best option for losing weight and staying healthy...

Why swim?

Swimming is a good form of exercise for all levels. Even if you haven't been working out for years, you can swim to get sufficient exercise without over-doing it on your joints and muscles. Swimming ensures that you use lots of muscles in your body: your arms and upper body, your abdominal and back muscles and your buttocks and legs. There are few other forms of exercise that work out all these areas.

Workout in the pool

If you plan to swim to lose weight, you should also consider other forms exercise in the water. There are several forms of water aerobics that burn lots of calories. For example, under water cycling is a special sport where you can tone muscle and lose weight without the burden of your knees.

Swimming and eating

If you're not taking regular exercise at the moment, you may find that your appetite increases as you swim more. After all, you burn more calories than you normally would do in one day. Try to choose foods that offer slow burning energy, like handful of nuts or some fruit. Energy drinks and foods tend to contain a lot of sugar, so you get a short intense burst of energy but little nutritional value.

Care for your body

For best results, your diet and your exercise regime should work with each other. For novice athletes it is important not to do too much too soon. For this reason, swimming is a particularly good sport that can help to ease you in without those sweaty gym sessions!

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