When is the best time to visit the supermarket during coronavirus crisis?

The instruction that everyone should limit their visits to the shops and only leave the house for one form of exercise has meant we’re all housebound. Living like the elderly has been hard for some folks who are regularly out, while for others there’s not a lot of change to their daily existence. The warm weather has also played its part in reminding us that we’re confined to the home. If you don’t have a garden, you must be finding the coronavirusrules a bit difficult to take. When the highlight of your week is a trip to the supermarket, you know you’re not living the high-life anymore, but we all must stay indoors. To avoid queues, when’s the best time to visit the supermarket?


Don’t go early

When we’re all back to normal, an early visit to the supermarket is the quickest way to get your shopping done. It’s also best because the shelves are stacked with fresh food. That’s not the case now though. The shelves aren’t exactly packed, are they, and if you head to the shop when it opens, you will queue with a lot of people. You’ll be waiting in the cold too, so if you must go early for important medicine or food, wrap up warm.



It’s tempting to consider a trip out a lunchtime. It breaks up your day and it takes you away from the house which will help you achieve more when you return to work. Assuming you’re taking a lunch break, you should use it to eat, relax and take a break. At the moment, shopping isn’t restful thanks to all the rules that are necessary to protect us. You might also find that you need to queue which could make you late for work. When you’re working from home there’s a pressure to make sure you’re working when you should be. Perhaps a trip to the supermarket at lunchtime should be avoided.

Late afternoon

The food stocks will be low, but the place will be quiet. If you need the sort of thing that won’t sell out, this is the ideal time to go. You should still find fresh bread from the in-store bakery. The shop’s supply of medicines should be fine if you’re not too specific. All the other essentials will be in stock too, although toilet rolls and pasta might be hard to find. They’re hard to find at any time.

Closing time

As with the late afternoon period, this is another relatively quiet period. If you’re shopping for yourself and you’re willing to take what’s on offer, this is the best time to shop. You will have to compromise, but let’s face it we’re all compromising at the moment, so if you’re willing to take what’s there, check out your local supermarket during its last hour of trading.

Is it safe to shop?

Is shopping at the supermarket safe during the coronavirus pandemic? Of course, having your food delivered is the best option, but delivery slots are very rare, so you might need to venture out. Shops are very responsible with social distancing at the core of their response to COVID-19. They are also taking hygiene to a new level by regularly sanitising customer areas, especially by the tills, and they suggest that you pay with a contactless card rather than key in your PIN at the checkout. If your supermarket has a self-scan option, use that as it means less interaction with other people.

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