Tips for stopping smoking

Quitting smoking is a hard battle against addiction. It requires a lot of motivation, determination and discipline to beat it. But if you are a smoker, whether you have been smoking for four years or forty years if you have the will to quit smoking you can get off them. Stick at it and you will get there - and get all the benefits that stopping smoking creates.

“This is going to be my last cigarette.” “Once I finish this packet I wont buy anymore.” “I only have a few when I am out drinking.” These sentences are said over and over, and the people that say them may have quitting on their mind but will find it much much harder to stop and will be more likely to go back on them than those with a plan. To stop smoking successfully you have to have a plan.

Start off by setting a date to stop, not too far in the future or not too soon - this prepares you and gives you a deadline.

Tell everyone you are stopping smoking. Family and friends will offer you support and if any of them are smokers they will hopefully stop smoking around you or will stop offering you cigarettes.

Clear your house of cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays; this will stop temptation and will also help your house get rid of the smell of smoke and cigarettes.

A very common symptom is an increased appetite. Don’t worry too much about an increased appetite, the benefits of quitting smoking outweigh any minor weight gain.

It is also a good idea to write down on paper why you are quitting: run through a list, for example, quitting to save money, to improve health and fitness, your family doesn’t like it, you want to find a partner and don’t want to find someone smelling like an ashtray - this will give you motivation to quit.

Don’t give yourself stupid excuses for having a cigarette like being stressed, being sad, having few too many drinks, you are only letting yourself down by having a cigarette.

Don’t be too disheartened if you don’t succeed in stopping smoking first time. We quit on our second real attempt. If you don’t succeed first time look back and figure out why it didn’t work for you and work on that aspect then back to the first step and try again. Good luck!

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