Spinning: why it works

The Department of Health say that adults aged 19-64 should do 150 minutes of moderate physical activity, or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity, every week and strength training two days a week. This is not a lot of time to dedicate considering that the list of benefits is endless. Recent years have seen a huge rise in the number of exercise programmes and classes on offer to the public. In particular, spinning classes have become as popular and fast-rising as Zumba.

Spinning: why it works

Going to spinning class is a great work out and contributes towards your recommended physical activity levels. Exercising in a room full of people may not seem appealing to everyone, but others find it a great motivator and enjoy the social interaction. And the more you enjoy your work out, the more likely you are to stick at it.

Because you can alter the resistance of spin bikes, you can easily bring down the resistance if you are getting tired. This way you can keep up and keep burning those calories!

Any good instructor will ensure that the programme is carried out in a safe manner by showing you how to work the bikes and explain health and safety. Their other important role is to push you hard and keep you motivated. Spinning can be quite intensive if you push yourself, allowing you to achieve a new level of fitness.

Need another great reason to spin? You can’t blame a puncture for putting it off for a week!

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