Spells for love: do they work?

Are you single but going through a lean patch regarding attracting partners? Perhaps you've resigned yourself. But have you ever considered this alternative: spells for love? Whether or not there is any science behind this phenomenon, you can have a lot of fun looking into these! Yo can learn more about that here

The art of casting a love spell

The use of 'white magic' or wiccan arts is an ancient practice - and even in this technologically savvy ages of tweets and 3D television, harking back to traditional spell-making techniques still attracts a lot of attention. Do these spells actually work? You'll never find out until you actually put them into practice will you?!

Different spells for love

The first thing you should know about spells for love is that they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the context of their use.

To cast the correct spell you must appreciate why you are doing it. Do you want to cast a subtle attraction spell, or a more 'straight to the jugular' crush spell? Both spells appear similar but can have different side effects.

Learning appropriate spells

Because spells can be finely-tuned, you can never be tempted to overlay one over another, perhaps in an attempt to undo the effect of the earlier one. To cancel the effects of the older spell you need to case a spell appropriately designed to undo it.

Recipes for spells

The actual make-up of any of these spells is complex and requires patience - and a good manual. The good news is that white magic has evolved with the modern age, and the internet is brimming with websites giving you the type of information once reserved for dusty old volumes.

Typical spells

If you have no experience of spells for love the chances are you might be curious about the type of ingrdients they have? One is called the 'influence someone spell'. You would need a picture, or personal belonging, from the target, which is placed in a jar. Add liquorice, rosemary, baby oil and honey. Replace the lid and say the relevant chant. Afterwards, simply cast the jar into the bucket.

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