Solutions for beating gastritis

The term gastritis is often wrongly used without any evidence. A correct diagnosis of this condition is based on a range of clinical, endoscopic, histological and biological tests. If you have been diagnosed with gastritis, you should know that there are several options you may try for beating gastritis.

The signs of gastritis

The symptoms of gastritis are practically the same as those found in dyspepsia, but the pain is more similar to heartburns. The heartburn sensation may occur during a meal or immediately after, especially when you consume white wine, liquor, spices, acidic or sugary foods. They can also occur later, being triggered by a fatty meal, which causes bile reflux.

Treatment options

The treatment of acute gastritis is generally determined by its causes. At the time symptoms occur, your GP may recommend a temporary liquid diet, which will be rapidly substituted by a normal diet of three balanced meals a day. Some medications such as antacids are sometimes essential to relieve the symptoms. One should also avoid alcohol and tobacco, as well as stop taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication until symptoms disappear. In general, most acute cases of gastritis disappear with the proper treatment.

Chronic gastritis, meanwhile, is often treated with medications that either decrease or neutralize the stomach acids. As in the case of acute gastritis, it is best not to smoke or drink alcohol, and stop taking any drugs that may cause heartburn episodes. In some cases of chronic gastritis, vitamin B12 injections and iron supplements are prescribed.

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