Slimming World

With 300 employees, 3000 consultants and 5 millions slimmers in its 40years of activity, Slimming World is a successful British weight loss organization. It has proved a real life saver for many people accross the country, and more are looking up at it as the final solution for their weight problems. But what is the secret behind its recipe for success?

How it works

Slimming World offers memberships online and follows its members closely through its groups and consultant. Let's look at the wheight loss programm they have on offer, and how it works. We've broken it down in its 3 core feature: Food Optimazing, Body Magic and ImageTherapy.

  • Food Optimizing

Rather than being a strict diet, this is an alternative approach to food and eating which tends to put the person in control of what he/she wants to eat. At the core of the approach is the idea of healthy food. What we normally eat when we feel hungry is a range of dense, high energy foods that don't fill us up. Instead, this program tends to favour nutricious, low energy dense food tha tare able to satisfy one's appetite. Filling up on healthy food means being able to avoid unealthy high energy food. But nothing is prohibited: even higher calories, less filling food have their part in the plans.

  • BodyMagic

The Body Magic program encourages members to gently introduce physical activity into their everyday life. Rather then jumping in the gym for distressing hardcore sessions, Slimming World invites its members to try and start by walk more, do more flights of stairs, drive less and use more bikes, again replacing unhealthy habits with healthy ones. Through simple step by step guidelines, its members can increase their physical activity from nought to five times a week for half an hour.

  • ImageTherapy

Care, support and encouragement are the key word when it comes to Slimming World support groups. Nobody is left alone with their struggle, the whole weight loss programme evolves arounf these local groups, run by consultants, were members are able to talk about and share their experiences, week by week .Members are also followed on daily basis through the website.

The fine balance

From what we have learned, Slimming World's success is due to a balancedcombination of its 3 main features. The secret of the winning recipes to make sure each person taking steps towards loosing weight is well informed about the choice in healthier foods and lifestyle, including physical activities that one can fit into everyday life. Additionally, a caring environment and rewards plans can offerf urther support to anyone involved.

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