Sleeping divorce: could it be the answer for your relationship?

Is sleeping apart a good idea or a very bad one? The intimacy created of sharing a bed could be lost but you or your partner might get more sleep if you’re apart for the night. With longer and harder days a work, and a lot more stress in our everyday lives, sleep is even more important than ever. Is sleeping apart the answer?


Sleeping apart

In the US, a recent study has shown that 25% of couples sleep apart. Some do this naturally as work commitments like night-shifts pull them apart at night but others are choosing to make this part of their nightly routine. The same report shows that house builders in the US are picking up on this trend and making sure that their new homes come with two master bedrooms.


Different schedules are partly to blame for this rise in separate sleeping. Different beds mean that there’s little chance of disrupting your partner’s sleep. This separation leads to less instances of sleep disruption as well as your snoring and tossing and turning won’t affect your partner.

Sleep environment

The other argument for sleep divorce is that your sleep environments can differ. You might want the room a little brighter or a little colder than your partner. You want require a harder mattress than your spouse or you might want to be closer to the floor than your partner. The sleep environment can be tailored to your needs.

Good, bad or no change

Only you can decide if this would work for you and your partner, but don’t make a decision without trying. Don’t forget that disrupted sleep can lead to problems like cardiovascular issues, obesity, and diabetes so don’t put this decision off for too long.

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