Sleep makes you thin

Once again something we've always known to be true but never been clever enough to prove - has just been proved. Not only is sleeping one of the most enjoyable hobbies in all the world - it even makes you thin.

A US based study into the sleeping and feeding habits of babies has shown that the more a bub kips, the less likely it is to pack on the pounds later in life.The research shows babies sleeping less than 12 hours, or being popped in front of the box for two or more hours a day when they ought to be in their pits, increased the liklihood of adulthood pork by 16%.

Because not only does lack of sleep play havoc with our moods, it also does something scientific which we don't quite understand to our 'hungry hormone' - in essence making us quaff more and burn less.

All of which could unravel the mystery of why StyledLife afternoon chocolate binges never really make us fat. Because 10 mins after, we're canny enough to schedule 40 winks at the desk, which burns that nasty blub right back where it came from.

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