Skin winter care: best natural remedies

When subject to cold air and dry wind, our skin needs some extra pampering and nurturing in order to regain and retain the moisture and hydration that keep it young looking and elastic. We looked at some easy natural remedies that anyone can follow at home, for the perfect skin winter care.

For the face

Extreme weather conditions can make our skin even drier and more uneven. In fact, for those of us with dry or particularly sensitive skin, winter dry, cold air can cause irritations and chapping.

A good layer of a fatty emulsion can prevent these problems, and indeed people from northern countries traditionally covered exposed skin with fish or seal fat. Of course, nowadays there are much more pleasant and practical ways to protect and heal dry, chapped and irritated skin. An avocado mask, for instance, is a top skin winter care remedy, natural and homemade, and can be tuned to different skin types.

All you need is the flesh of a ripe avocado: mash it with a fork into a smooth paste, then add a little extra-virgin olive oil, or your natural oil of choice, and apply the mixture onto your face and other dry skin areas. Wash it off after a minimum of 15 minutes.

This is a very nourishing mask that will supply your skin with a whole range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants of the rich avocado fruit. Your skin will be nurtured, feeling softer and more supple.

For very dry skin, also add 1 tbsp of honey to the mixture before applying. The honey will keep the moisture in the skin for longer after the mask has been washed off.

For the body

Another top skin winter care remedy, totally natural, is theso called oil bath.

During the coldest months we tend to favour long, hot bath that restore our body temperature and relax the muscles. On the other hand, though, extremely hot water make our skin even drier. So make your baths a little less hot and less long than you normally would, and try adding a couple of spoonful of your favourite natural oil. Extra-virgin olive oil of course, but also sweet almond oil, or even argan oil. If organic, they will be even kinder on your skin, because free of pesticides and harsh chemicals. What better treat for suffering skin?

In case you prefer showers, simply rub your whole body with the natural oil after you finish showering, but before you pat yourself dry: the oil to spread more evenly if the skin is still humid. Add extra drops of oil for the roughest, driest patches.

Natural oils used this way will replace and surpass any hydrating or moisturising cream and lotion, and preserve a smooth and nurtured skin over the winter months.

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