Should we eat pasta in the evening?

Pasta dishes are cheap and easy to make. They’re filling and tasty but there are some reports that suggest eating pasta after 5pm is bad for your health. How true is that?

Myth or not?

What this question’s really asks is: should we eat carbs in the evening? Well if you believe what you read in bestselling diet books like Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution, you will already be staying away from potatoes and pasta in the evenings and eating pure protein instead. But other dieticians say that Carbohydrates are a source of much needed energy and only become fattening when eaten in excess. So who’s right?

Avoiding carbs at night

The idea that you should avoid carbs after 5pm if you want to avoid weight gain is taking the ideas laid out by Atkins and the like to the very extreme. It’s scientifically proven that these foods are great for your energy levels and bad for your waistline but don’t take the 5pm timing too seriously. Taking less starch in the evening is a good idea. Take big protein and vegetable portions instead. Save your carbohydrate in take until the morning.

Low fat and low carbs

The other notion that people often have flouting around their heads when they plan their meals is the idea that you should eat two meals a day that are low in fat and carbs and then eat anything you want for the third meal. That won’t lose you weight, and you’ll be hungry after the first two meals which will leave your energy levels low. Snacking throughout the day is also very likely, and then there’s the whole “eat what you like meal”, well if you then go crazy, you’ll pile the pounds on.

Final word

The other myth attached to eating pasta in the evening is that it will increase your desire for sugar. The British Dietetics Association has looked into this and conclusively argue that there’s absolutely no evidence to back this up.

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