Is a shisha pen safe to use?

In recent times shisha pens have become trendy among celebrities throughout Europe and America. A new range of eShish e-cigarettes are so similar to smoking the traditional Turkish water pipe that users of more traditional forms of shisha are turning to it. A shisha pen is an alternative to smoking that doesn’t involve nicotine, tar, tobacco or toxins, but is it safe to use?


At the moment there are no known health risks associated with using a shisha pen. They only contain a few ingredients compared with thousands of chemicals found in cigarettes. The health risks and the addictive qualities associated with cigarette smoking come through the nicotine, tobacco and tar in them. As shisha pens don’t have these ingredients in them they aren't considered harmful.

How they work

The basic difference between shisha pens and traditional Turkish water pipe smoking is that they turn liquid into vapour without the use of a burning process so there’s no smoke to inhale or exhale.

E-cig Flavours

The device is actually a colourful and disposable e-cigarette that’s available in a wide range of flavours. You can get flavours like grape, apple, peach, strawberry and blueberry and each flavour offers a distinct aroma. Most shisha pens offer about 500 puffs per e-cig, and the best bit is that they can be used legally in all the places you can’t smoke like restaurants, casinos, pubs, clubs and airports.

Quit smoking

Although some users have taken to shisha pens as an alterative to smoking, they're not designed to be used as such. They're supposed to be a trendy, lifestyle choice.

Safety first

Shisha pens haven't been on the market for that long and they're not as popular as cigarettes or e-cigarettes so there's not a lot of data to go on. As a shisha pen only produces vapour and it contains no toxic ingredients, it should be safe to use but there are still a lot of unknowns surrounding it.

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