How to Relax While at Work

According to Labour Force Survey data, 10.4 million working days are lost to stress each year in the UK. So if you’re feeling the strain rather than adding to that number, how can you relax at work in the office?


Relaxing at work can be as simple as adjusting your chair, getting away from the desk for a few minutes every hour and varying your jobs so that repetitive stress injuries don’t develop. If these general guidelines don’t have the desired effect, why not try the following?


Laughter is the best medicine for stress. It can be a harmless way of venting your stress at work and it can help your colleagues to relax. Of course, too much laughter could lead to problems with management, so be careful to make sure that your laughter doesn’t end up adding to your stress.

Taking breaks

Taking regular breaks doesn’t have to mean getting away from your desk. As a change is as good as a rest, you could take a few moments to check your personal Emails from your desk. Taking yourself away from the strains of work and back to your home life for a minute can have a very positive benefit to your working day.

Eating and drinking

Some offices don’t allow workers to eat at their desk, but you can always have a refreshing cup of tea or glass of water while you work. Nutrition plays an important role in your ability to deal with stress. Most of us reach out for caffeine and sugar when work is getting too much, but water can be enough, as keeping hydrated stops headaches developing so you can maintain a good level of concentration.

Desk toys

There are lots of desk toys that help to relieve stress. You could choose to squeeze your stress away with a stress ball or concentrate on a puzzle to get your mind off work.

Final word

There are lots of different methods to allow you to relax while at work, but the most important one is know your limitations. Taking on too much at one time can lead to an incredible amount of stress, so try and manage your work so that you are not in the middle of more than one job at the same time.

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