The top three least-known pumpkin seeds health benefits

Pumpkin seeds are not just delicious and nourishing to your body, but also beneficial to your health. The seeds contain natural food constituents that have many health benefits, including unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids and carbohydrates. Among the top three, least-known pumpkin seeds health benefits you should be aware of include:

1. Cancer prevention benefits

Although many of the reported benefits of pumpkin seeds in the prevention of cancer have come from animal studies, there is reason to be excited about the potential health benefits of pumpkin seeds in preventing cancer in people. Oxidative stress is one of the factors that leads to development of some cancers in people. Pumpkin seeds contain important, natural occurring antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress. Studies focused on the lignans content of pumpkin seeds show the seeds significantly decrease the risk of cancer developing.

Among the types of cancer the studies show can be prevented by consuming pumpkin seeds are prostate cancer and breast cancer. It is important to note, however, that the findings supporting this health benefit of pumpkin seed on cancer are not conclusive nor are they well-documented. But, expats expect that once attention is finally given to this field of study, the health benefits of pumpkin seeds on cancer will be confirmed.

2. Diabetes treatment benefits

The ability of pumpkin seed to decrease oxidative stress has also been associated with the prevention of certain complications in diabetic animals. Lab studies on the health benefits of pumpkin seed performed on animals show that pumpkin seeds, pumpkin seeds oil and other pumpkin seed extracts improve regulation of insulin in the body and consequently prevent complications of diabetes on kidney functions. Here too, the findings are not conclusive, but as more studies are conducted in the area, more supporting evidence of pumpkin seeds benefits are emerging.

3. Anti-arthritis inflammation benefits

A study published in the 2005 edition of the medical journal "Pharmacological Research" reported that pumpkin seed oil has anti-inflammatory constituents that work to reduce inflation that causes arthritis. According to the study, the effect of pumpkin seed oil is comparable to the effect of indomethacin, a common anti-inflammatory drug used to treat arthritis.

Now that you are aware of three least-known pumpkin seeds benefits, you have three more reasons not to throw away one of the most important parts of the pumpkin.

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