point system diet plan

Weight Watchers point system diet plan has been around for quite awhile, but have you ever wondered how exactly it works? Here is a glimpse as to how this plan is broken down and if this could be a possible diet solution that produces results and is sustainable for you.

PointPlus System

With so many different diet plans available, it is hard to find one that works for you. Weight Watchers was founded in 1963 and assists in weight loss. They use a point system in their diet plan giving each item a certain number of points.

For example, all fresh fruits and most vegetables are free points encouraging dieters to eat more of them, but 1 cup of ice cream is equal to 4 points. When deciding how many points to designate to each item of food, they consider the amount of protein, fibre, fat and carbohydrates.

The average available points can be anywere from 20-40 depending on the dieters weight, height, age, gender, and weigh loss goal. Once the correct allotted number of points is determined, they may consume that amount each day but should not exceed it.

What makes this plan successful in some ways is that the dieter can choose when how they consume these points. So if they are craving a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast, they can have it as long as the rest of the food they eat that day does not exceed their point.

Another benefit is that the dieter can get activity points. So depending on the dieters weight, duration and level of exercise, and points plan they are on, they can earn extra points that they can either spend on food or put towards their weight loss.

One of the keys to making this plan work is to record all the food that is consumed. There is not benefit in trying to cheat.

For those that just want to get their feet wet and not dive in quite yet, look at Simple Start which introduces tips while dining out, recommended portion sizes, and much more. This is available via a mobile app.

Lifestyle Change

The point system diet plan is an easy way to introduce dieters to new ways of cooking food, displaying proper portion sizes, and having a supportive community. An important aspect of losing weight and keeping it off is that comes down to having a healthy balance of eating right and exercising regularly. Have a goal in mind and work towards it, but remind yourself that it is really a lifestyle change and you have to want to change.

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