Tone up with pilates at home

Pilates is a low impact way to build strength, tone muscles and lose weight. The focus during the exercise is to use your core strength, abdominal and back muscles, which provide stability for each movement. Using your core strength means, you are working the deeper muscles that you cannot see. One of the best parts about doing pilates at home is that it requires just twenty minutes a day and very little equipment for great results.

Start toning up

If you are a beginner, before getting started on Pilates at home, you should try a class or two. This will give you an idea of what Pilates actually is and ensure you learn the basic moves correctly. If you find that this is the perfect exercise for you, then it is time to get equipped.

Pilates at home DVDs

The easiest way to get started is to do some research on different DVDs. The best way to do this is to find a website, such as Amazon.co.uk and do a search among their DVDs. The customer reviews will give you an idea on what the video offers and if others liked it.

Exercising can be boring if you do the same routine day after day. To keep things interesting and to hold your interest, buy two or three different DVDs. You can alternate the videos weekly or monthly to keep yourself motivated and prevent getting stuck in a boring rut.

Pilates at home online

You do not even have to go out and buy DVDs if you have a computer with the internet. There are a variety of health and workout sites that have videos that you can use for your workouts. This can keep things interesting and you can mix and match different videos to create your own workout routine.

Pilates at home equipment

Unlike a lot of other strength training and toning workouts, Pilates requires very little equipment. All you really need is a good yoga or exercise mat and proper clothes.

There is equipment on the market, such as the exercise ball, bands, magic circles and studio equipment to aid workouts. Although the extra equipment is nice for an advanced user, a basic mat is all you really need to get in shape.

Pilates payoff

Spending just 20-minutes, three times a week on Pilates at home can tone and strengthen your body in a few short weeks. You do not need fancy equipment or a gym membership to achieve that either. Just grab a good mat, throw on some comfortable clothes, and get started on reshaping your body.

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