Permanent weight loss: you can do it!

Sooner or later, many of us will diet for weight loss. But when the target weight is reached, the second challenge starts: how do you keep off the weight? How is it that the pounds that were so difficult to lose are so easy to put back on? Actually, permanent weight loss is more achievable than you think.

Healthy eating

The key to losing weight and keeping it under control is knowledge of nutrition. Healthy eating is something we all aspire to, but there are few people who actually stick at it day after day.

The key to permanent weight loss is understanding the needs of YOUR body. Eat when you're hungry, but try to differentiate between hunger and boredom or habit.

Healthy choice?

In the supermarket we often choose products according to want the producers' 'healthy choices' are. They contain less fat and sugar, but may contain alternative sweeteners or preservatives. Read the labels of each product in your cart and think about what you are putting into your body.

For example, do you recognise all the ingredients? Many alternative sugars are now hidden behind an E-number and artificial sweeteners and despite your good intentions, they aren't going to help with your weight loss goals.

Keep moving

These days, many people have a job where they do not have to move around much. To stay in shape, you should aim to do exercise two to three times a week for at least 45 minutes each time. Take the bike to work or take the stairs - little changes can really add up!

Care for your body

With the right combination of exercise and healthy eating habits, it shouldn't be hard to sustain permanent weight loss. In truth only you can know what this combination can be - monitor your exercise, eating habits and weight to find the right balance for sustaining your goal weight.

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