P90X Workout Review

The P90X is a DVD workout that claims it can produced a lean, ripped body within 90 days. However, many 'get fit' workout videos claim to produce fantastic results in no time, so we've collected P90X workout review information and customer feedback to look at whether this DVD really can do what it claims.

What is the P90X system?

The P90X workout review shows it isn't for the faint hearted - in fact, you need to perform a fitness test before ordering the DVD to make sure you're up to the challenge. The DVD consists of 1 to 1 and a half hours 6 to 7 days a week, with a 113 page nutrition guide and handbook, 90 day calender to keep track of your progress and all for $113.95. A pretty inclusive package - the only thing that's missing is a few dumbells and weights you might need for the workout.

The exercise video alternates with different workout techniques throughout the 13 weeks, so you won't get bored doing the same old cario or strengthening techniques everyday.

How it Works

P90X workout reviews show that each workout is present as a circuit workout, in which you move from exercise to exercise to keep your heart rate up. The DVD uses areas that target strengthening, cardio, stretching and yoga, alternativing between the different work outs to keep your heart rate high.

By varying the workouts, the system uses a 'muslce confusion' technique which doesn't allow your body to adjust to one particular exercise and thus burns more calories. Each day will consist of an hour or two of a specific exercise, alternating each week to keep your body guessing.

Pros and Cons

The brief pros and cons of the P90X workout review the 'changing' routine of the DVD as the best way to keep your body on its toes and really tone up. The presenter, Tony Hurton, is also reviewed as doing an excellent job presenting and explaining the exercises. The nutrition booklet is also considered to be a great addition to the exercise programme, with easy to follow recipes.

However, the workout is only designed for people who are already physically fit and isn't ideal for anyone who is just trying to start losing weight or wants to casually drop a few pounds. As the exercise programme is also performed in the home, there's more chance of distractions.

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