Read about ovulation symptoms

If you plan on getting pregnant, then it is time to know your ovulation symptoms. It is also a good idea if you don't want to have a baby so you know when to abstain or get yourself adequately protected. Here are several ovulation symptoms that you should know about.

Knowing your body

Ovulation symptoms vary for each woman. It is even possible that some will not experience any ovulation sign at all. The time of ovulation is another factor that will differ amongst women with some experiencing it like clockwork. Others, however, ovulate on different days each month.

The major ovulation symptoms include the following

  • Presence of cervical mucus

When you are nearing ovulation, there is more wet fluid. Cervical fluid looks like egg whites. This is a sign that a woman is nearing ovulation.

  • Body temperature changes

The basal body temperature of a woman also changes. It is usually constant or consistent and as ovulation draws nearer, it might decline and then it will spike after ovulation. This is a sign that ovulation just occurred. If you need to predict when ovulation will take place, you can track you body basal temperature.

  • Cervix condition

As a woman ovulates, the cervix will be open and wet. It is not easy to tell for a woman when the cervix undergoes these changes.

  • Spotting

Light spotting may occur when a woman ovulates.

  • Breast tenderness and cramps

In addition to the above symptoms, a woman may also experience breast tenderness accompanied by slight cramps on one side of the pelvis.

  • Bloating

The sensation of bloating is also felt by a woman when ovulating which can become quite uncomfortable.

Other signs

In addition to the above ovulation symptoms, a woman's sense of smell, taste or vision will be sharper during ovulation. She will also likely to have an increased sex appetite. Hence, even though it is not easy to track signs of ovulation, over time, a woman will get used to it and can recognise the symptoms easily.

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