Osteopath & Chiropractor: difference between the two treatments

Often, people can get an osteopath and chiropractor confused, despite difference between the two schools of practice. Both work with a patient's entire body, but the end result and method used by those who practice the two can be distinctively different. Chiropractory was actually derived from osteopathy, from a student who studied under Dr Andrew Taylor Still, the first person to practice osteopathy.

Major Differences

In this article, we'll establish what an osteopath and chiropractor practices, and difference in techniques used by both. The only major difference between both techniques is that chiropractory focuses on the spine and joints of the body to provide treatment for ailments, whereas osteopathy is concerned with the rest of the body. Usually, both techniques will be used to address digestive problems, respitory problems and a number of other issues that could be related to joints and the spine.

What does a chiropractor do?

Like someone who practices osteopathy, a chircopractor is interested in how the body works and how it can affect certain conditions. However, a chiropractor views the working body through the muscular and spinal system, using certain methods such as massage, electrical simulation or rehibilitative exercise to make adjustments. Chriopactory is used for treatment for pain relief and injury recovering, but can also benefit other conditions.

What does a osteopath do?

An osteopath is interested in the person's entire body and the way in which the body's individual systems interact with each other, not just the spinal system. An osteopath will examine the person's entire body to establish the root of the problem and can treat a range of conditions through physical therapy.

Similarities and Treatments

Despite an osteopath and chiropractor sharing difference in schools of treatment, both are used to treat the same type of conditions and both consist of moving a person's joint outside its usual range of motion as a form of physical therapy. Whereas a chiropractor will move joints and limbs during the session, an osteopath is more likely to teach you how to perform different movements at home.

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