Nutritional supplements for weight gain

Whether you're aim is to lose weight or gain it, don't go to extremes and don't rush into a new diet. Nutritional supplements for weight gain have been designed to make things easy for you. We'll explain what they contain and how they work, so you'll be making an informed choice.


To gain weight you'll need to increase your intake of caloric. We all know that junk food increase most people's weight, but that's no way to go. Choose foods that are both energy-dense and nutrient-dense. Stuff like seafood and poultry, meats and dairy products will help, as will increasing your intake of nuts and seeds.

Nutritional supplements

If you're not putting on the pounds with additional food, you could use nutritional supplements. The market's full of nutritional supplements for weight gain because bodybuilders use them to create muscle mass. A quick glance at hollandandbarrett.com or boots.com will show you that muscle and size gaining products don't have to cost the earth.

Weight gain

There's a wide choice here but Maximuscle are the market leaders. These products contain a protein blend that includes Whey protein and Sodium Caseinate, and a mineral blend that includes Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Ascorbic Acid. It's just taken as a milkshake and one or two mixes per day should be enough to put the weight back on.

Further advice

If you're losing weight and you're not sure why, you should speak to your GP. Conditions like hyperthyroidism create weight loss so if you're not sure, check with your doctor.

Final word

There's no point eating like a rabbit and then wondering why you're losing weight. Nutritional supplements for weight gain are great but they should be used in conjunction with a diet designed to increase your body mass. If you'd like more advice on the subject check out other articles in our Lifestyle section.

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