Are you part of the NoMo generation?

The NoMo (not mothers) generation is slowly speaking up and gathering recognition all over the world. Whilst it is true that more women put off child bearing at a later age in life due to career or other commitments, there are also those who cannot have kids not by choice but due to other circumstances.

The woman's place

Women had always the traditional roles of child bearing (which cannot be passed on to the opposite sex), child care and nurturing, housewife, mother and everything. Now, there are a growing number of women or the so called NoMo generation who have abandoned maternal ways and aspirations whether it’s conceiving or even marrying. And although, it might seem harsh to many out there, there is much more going in the life of a woman who has reached this decision. For many, it is more a coming to terms with the situation that they will not become mothers at all.

  • Not finding the right partner

The uncompromising woman who wants to find her perfect mate will not settle for anything less. And, although it might be a painful decision not to marry or start a family, many women have come to terms with their decision and learnt to be happy and contented.

  • Mother nature reigns

A woman’s biological clock is probably one of her fiercest enemies in spite of advancements in the medical field. Sure, you can still conceive and give birth when you are over 40. Along with this, comes uncertainty and risk plus the fact you’ll be half a century old before your child reaches his/her teens.

  • Freedom

Having a child is a lifelong commitment and one you cannot abandon just because you are tired or fed up. From conception and childbirth to child minding and rearing, it is constant work. Those who realised they are not up for such a commitment and hard work will surely find the challenges daunting, The NoMo generation therefore, will have more freedom whether it’s to party each night or travel at a moment’s notice.

  • Career advancements

Career-minded women who decided that having a career is more exciting than changing diapers or juggling home and work like mad are usually happy with their decision. They need not turn down a promotion which calls for more travels or extra commitment outside working hours just because of family reasons.


So where does the NoMo generation leave us? This fresh perspective might have repercussions in the future representing lower population rate and an ageing workforce. Whilst it is a personal decision, for now, childless women are happy with their decisions and living their personal dreams. It just strengthens the convictions that having a family is not everything. You can feel happy and fulfilled by being alone or with a partner. It is definitely not for everyone.

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