Natural inexpensive hangover remedies

When you're suffering from a monster hangover it's common to question whether the night before was worth it. But rather than spend money on a stockpile of tablets and other products, you could make your day better with a couple of natural hangover remedies with household items at relatively little cost.

Hangovers happen when your body struggles to clear excessive amount of toxins from your system, resulting in fatigue, nausea and headaches. Therefore, the best way to cure the hangover from hell is to try and aid the body in clearing out toxins and returning it to its natural, heavenly and not-so-overburdened state, something that over the counter remedies won't do.


Wheat grass

Wheat grass is a natural detoxifier. If you can get hold of some, it's a good idea to finish your night with a shot of wheat grass or at least aid your body's recovery process with a few shots in the morning.

Wasabi Bath

Perhaps one of the strangest natural hangover remedies but if you're really suffering it's worth a shot. Wasabi isn't just the hot stuff you smear over your sushi; it naturally aids blood circulation and promotes oxygenation to help cells clear metabolic waste. Mix a little wasabi into your bubble bath and your hangover will ease away!

Do Something You Enjoy

This is probably one of the most straight forward natural hangover remedies but often overlooked. When suffering from a hangover, we're likely to sulk around the house and curl up in a little ball, but this is likely to make you feel more emotionally drained and depressed. Instead, do something you normally enjoy that isn't strenuous, such as going for a walk.

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