Natural home anxiety remedies

It's normal to feel anxious every now and again, but if you feel anxiety frequently you could be suffering from a generalised anxiety disorder. In any case, you should always speak to your doctor in the first instance if you're concerned. However, these natural home anxiety remedies may help reduce symptoms in the meantime.


Passionflower, a herb, is an historic natural remedy for anxiety and sleep related disorders. Studies have found passionflower produces similar relief to benzodiazepine drugs, but it should not be used with sedatives unless under medical supervision.

Massages and body work

One of the simplest and straight forward natural anxiety remedies is massage therapy, shiatsu and any other activities that relieves muscle tension or improve sleep to help you relax.

Mind and body techniques

Mind and body techniques, such as yoga, tai chi or meditation are proven stress-relief exercises and can be a perfect natural anxiety remedy. Used in conjunction with massages or body work, mind and body techniques can help you feel completely relaxed. Advanced forms of meditation and breathing exercises can help prevent daily onsets of anxiety in particular and can be self-taught.


Pleasant smelling oils and scents can encourage your body to relax and also create a calming atmosphere. Jasmine, lavender, cypress and rose are a particularly popular natural remedy for anxiety.

Vitamins and minerals

Potentially, anxiety can be caused by undernourishment or a lack of vital vitamins and minerals. To help keep your body in top condition, try using vitamins supplements or eating a healthy, balanced diet to reduce anxiety symptoms.

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