Myfitnesspal App Review

These days, it seems to be there are apps designed to help us streamline every aspect of our lifestyle. At this time of your you might be looking for an app to monitor how well you're keeping up with your new year resolutions. Key amongst those might well be keeping fit. If so, here is information about another useful app - here's your myfitnesspal app review for 2014!

Review of the myfitnesspal app

This app is aimed at assisting all of us with one of the commonest ventures of 21st century society - dieting.

MyFitnessPal is basically a calories counter, and is available as a free download to your iPhone. It allows you to set a daily calorie goal, and then it sets about recording your intake by tracking the calories in your food and drink intake. It also takes into account the exercise you are doing.

The app creates an account, in which you can log your food and exercise details at any time, from any location. Any updates you make to your account are synched with the iPhone website - and vice versa.

MyFitnessPal's greatest strength is definitely the simplicity of the concept. Most of us embarking on diets get bogged down with details, such as cutting out all carbs, or sticking to certain fads because one particular diet is the flavour of the month. MyFitnessPal allows calorie control to become the focus - ensuring the weight-watching is ongoing.

The initial set-up is easy. The user simply inputs details like sex, age, weight, activity level and ultimate fitness goal. The rest is plain sailing. The app monitors calorie intake as you go, allowing you to build a disciplined attitude to what you choose to eat, and the regularity of your exercise regime.

My personal favourite aspects of MyFitnessApp

For my own MyFitnessPal App review, I would focus on the fact that the app is so user-friendly. The built-in database already comes with an extensive and varied list of foods. A barcode scanner helps to make calorie counting devilishly simple. I found that within a matter of weeks of using MyFitnessPal, I was becoming quite adept at memorising the calorie count of my favourite foods. This app is so good because it helps you appreciate food, rather than forcing you to nibble on unpleasant items!

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