Models in sunbed ban for Liverpool Fashion Week

The organizers of this year’s Liverpool Fashion week - that runs from October 14th to the 19th - has taken up support of the city’s council war on sunbeds and will allow only models to walk the runway who have never used, or pledge to not use sunbeds.

In 2012, the Liverpool City Council launched ‘The Look To Die For' campaign to help to stop therise of skin cancer, that is the fastest growing cancer amongst 18 – 35 year olds in the UK.

According to research study conducted in 2009, half of teenage girls aged 15 to 17- in Liverpool revealed that they have used sunbeds, compared to just 11 per cent nationally.

In 2010 it became illegal for tanning salons to allow anyone aged under 18 to use sunbeds in England and Wales.

Cancer Research UK Sara Osborne, Head of Policy said : “Research clearly shows that using sunbeds before the age of 35 increases the risk of malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, by almost 60 per cent.

"Adults need to know about these risks before they decide to use sunbeds. That’s why the Government must ensure that all sunbed businesses provide clear and accurate health information to the public and require all local authorities to properly license their activities.”

Amanda Moss, organizer of Liverpool Fashion Week, said, “The health and wellbeing of our models is of paramount importance and we’re delighted to be the first fashion week that has a complete ban on sunbed using models."

"We want our models to look their absolute best, which means not putting themselves at risk of skin cancer or premature aging from the sunbeds.”

“We’re also aware of just how many young girls in the city are using sunbeds and we hope that by showing how gorgeous our models look at this year’s Liverpool Fashion Week, we will help sunbed users in the city realise they don’t need to get on the beds to look great."

"Our girls can still have that golden glow, but they’ll get it from a bottle, not from the beds.”

Actually this isn’t the first time that fashion models have been involved in a zero-tolerance approach on the use of sunbeds.

During the 2012 London Fashion Week, the top modeling agencies signed the "No Sunbed" policy as part of Cancer Research UK's R UV UGLY? campaign.

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