Quick guide for Maximuscle Promax Diet supplement

Are you looking for a good protein source with fat burning characteristics? If yes, then you should consider Maximuscle branded supplements. Maximuscle is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of a range of diet supplements with a focus on athletics and sports. One of Maximuscle’s top selling suppliment products is Maximuscle Promax Diet.

Promax Diet

Maximuscle Promax Diet, also known as Promax Lean, is a supplement that helps with muscle growth and weight loss when you are in the gym. It is part of Maximuscle's diet range that falls under the brand’s green diet system selection of products.

Promax Diet contains about 38g of high quality whey protein. This is adequate protein content for the average dieting athlete, which not only optimises muscle growth and recovery, but also supports fat loss.

Low fat and low carbohydrate content

Because Maximuscle Promx Diet is a fat burning protein drink, it has little fat and carbohydrate included in it. This makes it the ideal supplement for those on a low fat, low carbohydrate diet. The product’s amino acid content also ensures you remain anabolic while your calorie intake is lowered.

You might worry that because the Maximuscle fat burning protein drink is low in carbohydrates, it won’t keep you full while you work out. However, this should not worry you. A single Promx Diet shake will keep hunger at bay for hours so you can focus on getting into shape.

Optimum intake

Take Promax Diet before or after exercise to boost your energy and protein reserve. Protein will help stabilise your blood sugar levels and consequently stimulating fat loss. You can use it as a meal replacement or mix it with water and drink. Two scoops are usually enough to get the full nutritional value from the shake.

Promax effectiveness

The diet supplement gets more favourable reviews than negative reviews. A 2009 online survey conducted by Zoomerang on 145 men found that over 80% of users had achieved significant weight and body fat loss in less than a month after using the product as per the manufacturers’ recommendations. Sales figures also indicate that Promax is popular and people use it continually.


Like with all medication, keep Maximuscle Promax Diet out of reach of children. Do not consume more than two bars a day and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter to avoid any undesired outcomes. Promax contains caffeine and expert allergy advise from your doctor is recommended. For more information on how Promax Diet can help you and precautions you should take, visit the manufacturers’ website at maximuscle.com/promaxdiet.

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