Man under trial for spreading HIV to unsuspecting women

A 32-year old HIV positive man is undergoing a trial at Leicester Crown Court because he allegedly hid his status from four partners.

The man in question – his name cannot be revealed for legal reasons - is being accused of two counts of inflicting grievous bodily harm between 2006 and 2010, for having unprotected sex after being diagnosed with HIV in 2004.

The court heard that the HIV sufferer infected his teenage girlfriend - who was just 16 when they met - with the disease after keeping his condition a secret, while he claims he told the women involved in the case he was HIV positive.

The jurors heard that the teenager, who is now in her twenties, that after a few months into their relationship, he suggested they have a baby - and although she was 'surprised' and thought she was 'too young', she agreed because she was in love, and she later gave birth to a boy.

She was tested for the virus when the man began showing signs of a sexually transmitted infection for which he blamed on her ‘cheating’ – and the couple went to hospital for tests, and found out that she had been infected. Their son was also checked, but his result was negative.

The woman told the court: ‘I was very surprised and puzzled because I had been living with this man for two years and he never mentioned it at all to me.

He said he had told me, and I said “No, you did not. That is something that is so important. He didn’t seem fazed by it. It did not surprise him.’

The couple later separated in 2009, and she told the jurors how he asked her to ‘sleep around and give it to other people, so it would not just be us that were HIV positive.’

‘He believed that he had done nothing wrong or anything to get the virus. He believed he should not have the virus so he should spread it.

Purposely transmitting the virus is often called breeding.

His second alleged victim was a woman in her early 20s and began having unprotected sex with her, after saying he ‘could not use condoms.’

In January 2010, second alleged victim received an anonymous phone call asking who her partner was and suggesting she take an HIV test, the man did not admit to having HIV until the day before she was due to get her results.

Rebecca Herbert, the prosecutor told jurors: 'Few women in their right minds, let alone two or, indeed, four of them, would have unprotected sex with a man with HIV. He’s been utterly selfish, showing callous disregard and recklessness towards them and their wellbeing.'

'Having unprotected sex with someone who is HIV positive is a bit like Russian Roulette. You might be lucky and might not get it - or you might.'

Two other sexual partners of the man, were contacted and were advised to have tests, which fortunately came back negative.

Herbert also told the court that the victims all have sub type C virus and that out of 300 HIV strains registered on the world database, their strain was 'distinct and very similar to each other'.

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