Malory Band Review

The Malory Band can be tied around the waist for 24 hours a day and is said to help you slim down. Claims have been made that the band was worn by Ancient Egyptians and Indians to lose weight, and the product has recently hit Europe at £25+ per band. But does it really work?

What is the Malory Band?

The Malory Band is simply a silver string that you wrap around your stomach. That's all! You attach it to your mid section and wear it all day, taking it off whenever you please. Although it sounds relatively simple, the theory is this band can help you lose weight by making you more conscious of your size.

How does it work?

Malory Bands tie around your mid section. Whenever you slouch, you'll feel the band pushing into your stomach, promoting good posture. Whenever you overeat, the band will also push into your midsection making you more aware of your stomach.

The theory behind the Malory Band is that wearers become aware of when they eat too much, when their bad posture is affecting how their stomach looks and generally to remind them that they're trying to cut down their stomach size. It motives the wearer to eat healthier, stand tall and hold their abs to produce a flatter stomach from good posture.

Is the theory right?

Some aspects of the Malory Band seem to be spot on. For example, it can really help promote good posture, which is one of the reasons people who have a good figure think they look fatter around the stomach. However, the theory behind his band is a 'awareness' tactic; it only makes you aware of your weight, it doesn't actually makeyou lose weight.

If, for example, putting a photo of over-sized you on the fridge to deter eating habits has never helped you, the Malory Band is unlikely to help in your case. It only works as a motivation tool and, for many, it doesn't promote weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.

The Malory Band could also make you feel worse about your weight and promote negative self image in some cases. If this might be the case for you, try an alternative diet or light exercises each day to control your weight and tone up.

Where can I buy one?

You can buy a Malory Band mainly from Amazon.co.uk, but they will also be available in large pharmacies, health stores and potentially some superstores in the future. They retail at £25 currently, from a reduced price of £45. Currently, there is only one brand of Malory Band available on the market.

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